strange case of billy biswas

by arun joshi

is one of the single most phenomenal books i have read, no jokes.

firstly, the way he writes. oh MY god. it's intense, it's racy, and pretty, and witty and builds up everything to just the right amount. even though it's the kind of book that one would like to sit with and read slowly and savour, i read it in one go. i started this morning, and was done by 5 o clock! then, there's the story itself. it's got everything. it's got magical and supernatural stuff happening, it's got unexplained phenomena everywhere, it's emotional, it's engaging, it gets you to ask SO many questions.

but the most surprising thing of them all - especially because it came out of the blue and was absolutely unexpected, and the person who asked me to read it has NOTHING to do with my academic life (i doubt he even figured there's that connection) - there's a stunning amount of anthropological references to the tribes of central india. who'da thunk! the gods of fate are all basically asking me to stop mucking about and get to work.

i HAVE to agree with swaroop, i'm going to go on a 'let's-popularize-arun-joshi' drive and get as many people as i can to read it. i mean, it's so obscure (and absolutely not justified that it should be) that it wasn't even on flipkart! i had to buy it off a website called infibeam! (but please do it. worth every rupee.)

i don't do blurbs, so i can't tell you what it's about. but i can assure you of its fantabulousness. so please, please, please. read. arun. joshi.

(i'll write something more involved and less gushy later, hopefully. when it sinks in.)

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