Um, okay I know I've been slacking off.

I haven't updated my list in a month, I think. I will. Soon.

BUT. I'm reading Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace) and I want to write about it. So may be I will. If I'm not too lazy.
In the mean time, do read Action Philosophers! by Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente. Funfunfun, it is. (Also by the same people is Comic Book History of Comics which you should get your hands on if you can).

And I tried reading Steven Erikson, which I gave up the first time thirty pages in; but pursued later because of infinite boredom. Not even infinite boredom could make me go beyond the hundredth page though. Man really needs to learn how to form sentences. Occasionally use verbs, prepositions, perhaps somehow connect two words in a sentence, you know? Make it sensible? I mean. I'm not a grammar Nazi or anything, but respectable sentences are definitely appreciated. Sigh.

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