Three years ago or more, Zee Studio (I think) ran a series of 'foreign language films' a couple of nights a week at 11.30. I was living with my film-crazy cousin at the time, so the two of us would, whenever we could, sit down and watch these films, then go out for a drink (to pickles!) after.

One of those weeks, they showed Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. I couldn't watch the first twenty minutes because I got home very late, I watched about thirty minutes after that, and then stopped watching it because I decided I wasn't doing the film any justice - watching it like that, on TV, with advertisements, not even from the beginning. That was pretty much the end of my Kurosawa experience.

But I've read so much about him, and I've been meaning to finish watching that film, for so long, that when Landmark decided to sell 5 of his DVDs for 500 rupees - I bought it without a second thought. Then, immediately, I also bought Something like an Autobiography on Flipkart. Now, I refresh my 'Track shipment' page every day hoping that it will turn up soon. I plan to watch the movies and read the book, slowly, over the next couple of months. That is my grand plan of the week.

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Sita said...

The seventh book in the 100 Bullets series is titled 'Samurai'.
How cool is that!